John Oliver VS Capitalism and Addiction

Remember FOX NEWS said “BUSH HAS WON THE ELECTION” so all the other news outfits started doing it so as to not be behind, or miss the scoop. The thing is – BUSH DIDN’T WIN. He lost – but the other guy, hearing that he had lost, threw in his towel and conceded, at which point he was fucked. Don’t forget FOX news was run by one of the Bush family at the time…..

Anyway, slightly off the topic, but when have you ever criticised me for being on topic to start with..?..

We need more honest proper journalism and independent investigative journalists. Nowadays you can spot errors in about every single story on every page of every newspaper. Main TV news seems to be more and more like the internet news of old every day.

And therein lies the problem.

People want cute cats, death and mayhem.

The mass public will not sit through a thirty minute story showing both sides of an argument properly… 110km/h on highways kills people.. Boy racers are all druggies with bald tyres. Cute cat.

John Oliver Does Drugs

Sorry about taking some saturation out of your overly coloured American TV face John old Boy…

And then there is JOHN OLIVER. 

He did his usual fifteen minute of TRUMP BASHING, and to his credit he manages to keep this fresh and interesting each week – or maybe it is just due to the fact Trumpt comes up with so much shit each week he is simply too easy, and then progressed to do an opinion piece on the state of addiction in the good ol’ U S of A.

Not a bad effort… Other than he took great pains to ridicule the term “pseudo addict“.

A term I hadn’t heard of. A term which sounds, on the surface, to be total bullshit.

Good on you John, you are the man.

In the context of a drug company trying to show the world it’s drugs are not the cause of addicts problems, it possibly is bullshit. More than possibly even. Plausible denial anyone?

But wait — There’s more…

(yeah, yeah – you guessed it…. Unca Fiendipoo has a spanner. And a good throwing arm.)

Start scratching under the surface (or maybe just start scratching depending how much of an addict you really are) the theory is quite sound. It may come from the mouth of a pseudo scientist, but someone who exhibits addictive drug seeking behaviour may be no more of a problematic addict than you or I (queue Americans favourite laughing track – the auto chuckle)… 

Fiend says –
“Pseudo addict” may just have a place in this debate on how to deal with the problems of addiction in capitalist environments.

Let us just say… Just for debates sake… 

If I am in pain (me? never…) and need a few opiates to coach my kids football team, I go to the doctor. The doctors glasses slide down his nose and he looks at me sideways. No matter how much they know about my pain, my back, my lifestyle, my parenting or my need to participate in life on terms agreeable to me, the maker and the pharmaceutical companies – the doctor will always look at “addict” potential first and my quality of life second.

Purdue, we have a problem.

And, by the sounds of this John Oliver thing, so do hundreds of thousands of Americans.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I have not gone all soft in my old age. Americans can all go still fuck right off and suck Clintons dick / clit dry as far as I am concerned.

However, I feel for the pain and the difficulties the poor people who are controlled by the whim of the pen. On a good day the doctor will write. On a bad day, the doctor wont. The days are not so much swayed good or bad by his kid playing well at football — more the pressures put on him by media, drug companies capitalistic ways and the controlling bodies antiquated views of addiction.

This week John Oliver has told the world the drug companies are confusing the doctors. They obviously need to play with their own product some more.

John Oliver. Take time to read GLOBALIZATION OF ADDICTION.

Or, since no one has an attention span any longer than a thirty second sound byte (I know – I am ADHD super hero number 666) …

Dear John @iamjohnoliver

please look up Dr. Gabor Maté  on YOUTUBE.

Thank you, and goodnight.

John seems to have pitted himself against capitalism AND addiction. The first time anyone in history has managed this. A little like … hell … cannot quite work out what it’s like.

Maybe I am very much every inch totally drug fucked as the idiots at Wellington Addiction Services would tell you.


The Capital Coast District Health boards mental health operations manager… Uhm. Fucked if I can really remember his superbly convoluted title, so here is a copy direct from CCDHBDSM webshite…

John Zonnevylle

Operations Manager – Specialty Mental Health & Addictions Services

(Just a quick note John, Speciality is spelt with a bloody i in it,
get “them” to look into it, quick smart)



Sorry, bet you everyone starts their letters with “Dear John” and makes a bad effort at humour shortly thereafter. I won’t, it is below me.

Although, it is kind of amusing now I think about it.



thank you for your call with regards to my being trespassed from ALL HOSPITAL GROUNDS and ENVIRONS within fifty kilometres of Clarissa Broderick and your offices. The first few minutes of your call, spent discussing your creative job title and possible anagrams got me thinking.

With a couple of re-arranged placements we have ;

  • Ham Moss
    Health Addictions Manager – Mental Operations Specialty Services 
    although I will put i’s in specialty from now on for you. The good people at Black Sheep Creative will fix this for you on the site. Just email them. They are a lot more responsive than anything you’re used to.
  • Ash Moms
    Addictions Speciality Health – Mental Operations Manager Services
  • Sham Oms
    Speciality Health Addictions Mental – Operations Manager Services
  • Has Om Moms
    Health Addiction Services – Operations Manager – Mental Services
    HAS – to hold, possess, or accept in some relation, as of kindred or relative position:
    OM – a mantra and mystical sound of Hindu origin, the symbol (right, in orange to suit the robes, is the symbol OM – from levitatingmonkey )
    MS –  title of respect prefixed to a woman’s name or position: unlike Miss or Mrs., it does not depend upon or indicate her marital status.

This last one one is quite neat. There are a dozen more, some could even be considered offensive if you thought hard enough.
Luckily for you, not thinking appears to be well under control.

After the first few minutes spent laughing at your job title, you (somewhat professionally) managed to steer the conversation into a more professional pathway.

You, personally, are not the mystical “LEGAL” people that the other departments had promised would ring me, but your convoluted title did sound reasonably impressive. I have always challenged my daughter to become a doctor, but now nurses get such titles, I may reconsider.

Now, John, you would not discuss anything with me and simply wanted to put me in place an tell me “what for”.

This is not good enough.

The Addiction DisServices you claim to be partly responsible for are constantly screwing with peoples lives.

Here is a really good little point –

You work in a
and are wholly employed to
If you cannot stand one little ounce of
then maybe you should take a new look at working in such a service.

Others have said to me… “but you know nothing, I have been working in this field for twenty years…”… My point to them is that in twenty years since I was on the methadone programme in Wellington, NOTHING HAS BLOODY WELL CHANGED.

It has even got worse.


Since you banned me from any PUBLICLY OWNED HOSPITAL IN WELLINGTON I have had a dozen or more service users contact me with personal stories and complaints. Some are simply moving to other areas of NZ where they get treated better. Some are stuck under your services care. And that scares me John.

Since trespassing me your service has administered the exact care regime my clients were asking for, but you would not supply. I argued for them, got banned, and as soon as I was no longer part of the equation, you gave them what they asked for orginally.

See, John. Look here. I actually do have a reasonable understanding of addiction, drugs and people whom use them. I honestly could be an asset to you and your service if you used me correctly.

I talk with people all over the world. Some very prominent researches both in NZ and overseas. Some very prominent authors from all over the planet. Some lawyers. Some psychiatrists. Sometimes I even talk to the psychiatrists without laying on a couch first.

I have emails and all sorts of contacts from all over NZ and the planet in support of my stance here.
I am not pushing my own barrow. I am simply sticking up for people who are in no position to stand up for themselves. 

I talk with these people as I would with anyone. Yourself included.

Doesn’t matter if you’re a bow tie wearing politician , the head of the NZ Productivity Commission, or the junky in the street laying in a recovery position – I will talk to you all the same. That is a promise. And something people actually come to trust. Just trust me on that one John.

Some people on this list even talk to me. I have recent emails of support from some of them. Some of them, of course, don’t talk to me. Unlike you, John, all these people have seen me face to face and like some of what I do. My heart is in the right place, my morals are good, even if my ethics are slightly corrugated. 

John, when I asked why you trespassed me and you replied that I was threatening and intimidating staff, all I can think of is that when your employed doctor says “the studies don’t support that theory” and I ask “which studies?” the doctors you employ find any questioning of their knowledge intimidatory and threatening.

I hold little hope of the service moving forward. Given the fact that when I asked for further examples of this you basically yelled at me that you “are not discussing this, goodbye” the people under you can be forgiven for doing the same thing.

Just how Clarissa is still under you is another question I am having trouble with.

Yours Sincerely,





When talking with a respected Addiction Services Doctor (S) the other day, she said something that astounded me. I had come up with the same thing myself. “A problem is when you’re not in control, something is in control of you”. My definition of addiction is being enslaved to something. Seems we have common ground to work on….



You see… This was about the only game I ever paid for, COBRA…. My friend, Royston W, and I paid for it ($29.99 at James Smiths, third floor) and played it for weeks on end.

Royston died of cancer about eight years ago at age 34. My game tattoo’s represent problematic addictions. Every one of these games has seen me ignore the basics of life in order to get one more point, level or boss character killed. When you are no longer in control of the thing, you could say the thing is a problematic addiction.

When talking with the well respected doctor (S) the other day, she kept harping on using “addiction” as the reason why substance (A) could not be issued but substance (Methadone) could. She would not acknowledge that quality of life and happiness were just as important. Pain management seemed way out of the equation. She said many times that my clients issues were deep seated and he is morbid (he feels he is going to die and is terminally ill – he may have a point)… He says things like “who cares if I am addicted, I am going to die soon anyway…”

I said there are different levels of addiction. My client was coping well with life, acheiving his goals, supporting his family, maintaining relationships with friends. He has honestly started falling apart at the seams now his cancer is in “remission” and the addiction services are taking away his medications.

I suggest there are levels of addiction, and my clients life was going well. “Even if he was addicted, it is not causing him harm. It is not causing the community harm. It is definitely not cause harm to the economy at large….”

I asked what addiction meant to her.

She replied with something that pleased, astounded and confused…
When you are not in control, when it is in control of you“.

I used the example of my daughter playing computer games. She will sit there ignoring the need to piss, eat or sneeze. She will want just one more Creeper dead, one more chicken eaten, one more block character created. 

To me, this is a problem.

My daughter does not see it this way. Go figure. 

I have been teaching my daughter using terms such as “remember YOU are in control of the game, it does NOT control you… Go to the toilet [blow nose, eat diner, whatever] NOW and have another ten minutes after, rather than me kicking you off straight away.” ****

The doctor at the CCDHB (S) then states “that is entirely different. That is not a problematic addiction.  There are different levels of addiction.”


“””uhhmmm…. noooo.??……………..”””

And BANG. There goes anything like common ground. 

In one large Christchurch style land upheaval. 

Kia Kaha






*** This last line was what was being discussed with the NZ Productivity Commission guy when Matua Raki stopped us chatting. The NZ Productivity Commission guy has kids. They are hard to get off the I-PAD. As someone with plenty of experience in this regard, he seemed very interested in my ideas on simple ways to intervene without losing your kids. (Another book worth reading – Nuffield and Dr. Gabor HOLD ON TO YOUR KIDS )


Anyone wanting to read HOLD ONTO YOUR KIDS, IN THE REALM OF THE HUNGRY GHOSTS, or SHATTERED MINDS can ask me to borrow my copy. Well worth it. I have a hard cover version. Please never mention it to the author, publisher or Amazon. The royalty cheques he keeps forgetting to send will be permanently halted. Bloody ADHD.

I have been banging on about old mate GABOR for some time. Click here. Do your worst.

GABOR is the man. I may agree with him more than he agrees with I. But that is purely as he spell checks and edits his work before hitting the button to send it live.

Self censorship. Not for me.


You know you have made it in life when…

You know you have made it when you see yourself referenced in books such as those written by Bruce K. Alexander. I am not listed, nor mentioned. But a lot of other people I have been reading recently are. Even some complete right wing lunatics. I love the way Bruce actually quotes their publications, such as Romancing Opiates, and uses their own arguments and statement of facts to support his own theory on addiction.

There is something to learn there for me.




You know you have made it in life when…

You go and visit your fourth lawyer representing you against complete lies from the police and he is living in an office with an “EARTHQUAKE RISK BUILDING” sign stuck up over the entrance with district council stamps demanding a prison sentence if you remove or tamper with the sign. The lawyer guy is a disheveled looking character with wispy hair and a “receptionist” whom is working for $14 an hour and is wearing clothes from the op shop.

I was quite taken aback at first.

He asks me to sit in the other room and wait. I had trouble finding a seat under all the paperwork strewn everywhere (some would blame all the 6.8 earthquakes for the boxes randomly split open everywhere, I think the real cause may be my lawyers ownership of some strong ADhD tendencies….)

Sure enough, I can hear them rabbiting away in the other office for fifteen minutes. So, I do what any bored guy in this situation would do. I start picking up random files and reading about others cases, trials and tribulations. I find the receptionists CV. Turns out she is a law student (very motivated, so says her CV) and plays football for the university A team. This is nothing really. My ten year old girl could probably get in the university A team but for one qualifying factor – She cannot drink her own weight in beer over the course of a weekend.

The lawyer guy eventually arrives and asks me what happened to warrant my current charges. I tell him a little, and he is quite attentive. He is dead keen to tell me about family court stuff, was very interested in me having just given up opiates, was surprised that I was not using crystal meth really and did not bat an eyelid at my self diagnosis of ADhD. After all that I noticed a reaction to “and then my sister died. I would do the same thing tomorrow. If I had to punch over that retard policeman in order to see my sister die, I would.”

I think he may actually give half a fuck.

I notice a framed bit of paper on the wall. It is not his diploma. His LLB. His honours. It is… Holy shit….

It is an original framed print of himself registering as a conscientious objector to wars and therefore never having to enlist in anything even remotely resembling a war or overseas “police action”.


We spend fifteen minutes slagging off M. Powell and other Wellington Family Court stooges before realising I must have the only copy of the police evidence against me at home. I don’t want to read it, as I am still to make an official police complaint against the officers involved. It has been almost four months.

I am useless with paperwork.

But, so is my lawyer.

Day 85? 84? Uher. Whatever. Am I an addict?

Addiction, as discussed previously, means to be enslaved to a master.

This is the definition from the Oxford English Dictionary from 1800’s through to 1989.

ADDICTION … [ ad. L. addiction-em, n. of action f. addic-ere ]
Rom. Law. A formal giving over or delivery by sentence of court. Hence, a surrender, or dedication, of any one to a master.

(my bold type in last sentence)

In 1989 they added more popular culture meanings which are somewhat confusing and seem to go in full circles. Like saying “one plus one is two, because 2 minus 1 is one….”

Addiction does not mean your body has been invaded by pathogens, virus, or truck exhaust smoke. 

Yesterday I decided that being a “recovering addict” is a kind of stupid term. “I am in recovery”.

No I fucken am not. I am not “in” recovery from addiction.

Addiction is being enslaved to a master. Take away the master, take away the literal meaning of addiction.

Problem being is that addiction, in it’s common term usage in this day and age of complete worldwide brainwashing and bullshit, is not understood correctly.

The doctors, the politicians, the law… They all treat addiction as something it isn’t, and will never likely be. A disease. 

Addiction is only bad some of the time. I think we can get too carried away with addiction being this ugly fiendish thing that wants to kill all in it’s relentless path.

As an example – The person addicted to work. A Workaholic. He is seen as someone to be respected, going places. His wife and kids may have a different story to tell, but the biographies, the tv appearances and the book deals will tell the story that the history books will record. And the free market economy will parade him as a role model.

In the old days the like of Saul of Tarsus could have been considered a completely psychopathic addict. In fact, he was. No doubt about it actually. Corinthians was his finest work. He did things like this – (just for the record)

  • Pissed off people so much that they beat him to death (or what they considered was most likely going to be death) and threw him outside the city walls. He was such a psychopath that he then returned to the city (Lystra, now in “Turkey”). Would you, having been stoned, all the teeth knocked out your face, left for dead in a sewage dump, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and sneak back in to the very place everyone hated you?
    You would? Holy crap. Look me up. Before I grew up we would have had good fun.Together. In a Laurel and Hardy or Thelma and Louise kind of way.
  • Spent almost a decade in jails at various times of his adult life.
    Not so much anti-social-personality-disorder. More completely selfishly driven wanker.
  • Has a huge argument with St Peter saying the ST PETER is an asshole hypocrite for forcing gentiles to live under a gods law, when he himself did not. Good old Peter did wrote to the Corinths complaining that they were not addicted to the church enough
    16.15 … I beseech you, brethren (… the Stevens have addicted themselves to the ministry of the saints)
    16.16 … That ye submit yourselves unto such and that every one that helps and labours
    (sure, that is my paraphrasing. Look it up yourself if you want.)
  • Committed crimes against humanity that would be called genocide under the Geneva convention by todays standards.
    (executed many many Christians after publically culling their leader)
  • Spent days adrift in boats due to shit poor planning I reckon. Having little regard for safety and disregard for others…
    (Who cares about the consequences anyway? I am on a mission to “score”)
  • He was lashed the maximum times by law five times in his career as psycho addict asshole. Thirty nine times each.
    (No mean feat. It was considered fourty lashes would kill)
  • One day, on the road to Damascus following yet another move in his parasitic and transient life style he saw a light from heaven and had some auditory hallucinations that left him a little blind for a day or three.
    (Symptomatic of temporal lobe epilepsy and maybe consuming the wrong mushrooms the night before, but written in history as a message “to keep me from becoming conceited”)
  • A whole heap of other completely one track minded, addicted, psychotic behaviour that you can read at your own leisure.

You can read all about this old day menace yourself in great detail. Saul of Tarsus saw a flash of light from heaven, got one too many rocks to the side of the head, or whatever mushrooms are to blame. He woke up a few days later and decided to write half the New Testament under an assumed name of Saint Paul. I think.

He also takes a leading role in the Acts of the Apostles.

But when he got his rather large migraine headache / epileptic seizure he was actually on his way to Damascus to kill a whole heap more people. Christians I guess. They just weren’t addicted enough you know.

Before this knock in his noggin he had believed the law (Jewish Torah) kept people in a right relationship with God[Gal. 2:16] [Gal. 3:12]

After the crank shaft in his cranium missed a beat, he thought the (Jewish) law only reveals the extent of people’s enslavement to the power of sin—a power that must be broken by Christ [Rom. 3:20b] [7:7-12]

True story. Good old Paul the Apostle (Greek: Παῦλος Paulos, c.5 – c. 67), original name Saul of Tarsus, Saint Paul, got himself a bash on the head and joined “Jewish Anonymous” on the spot.

So, these addict types are amazing people. Combined with a little psychotic interlude here or there. And a large dose of psychopathic trait. Just to liven things up a little.

More recently in history addiction has become a really bad word. Really really bad. Even worse than being enslaved to a master.

So bad, in fact, that people are writing books on it constantly. It bores me to tears. People writing books offering very little that you would find outside a regular twelve step programme meeting. Some of these authors are still on methadone or heroin maintenance. Yet they feel they can tell me that I have a disease and that I should follow their way to “recovery”. How the hell do you, even if you are a doctor, expect me to listen to your tales of “recovery” when you are still using large daily doses of your drug of choice? RETARDED is the only word to describe this Americanistic attitude. “I am not an addict any more… Now I take legal opiates daily…” RETARD writing for the RETARDED. Sam McBride would love this shit. He would read the book, email the author, and offer her speaking engagements. RETARDS. Sam McBride and this author could then have babies together. And we all know their babies would be addicts too. Because, as we all know, addiction is a disease and is 100% transmitted via genes. Idiot retard babies actually. It is all in their genes. Retard genes at that. Hhhaaahahahah.

Oh my god, shut the fuck up and say something slightly serious NZFiend……..

For all intents and purpose we should maybe define addiction somewhat. Just to keep it inline with modern usage. How about saying something like

A compulsion to act repeatedly in such ways which will harm self or others.

This is my own term. I just made it up. I am damn sure that someone like Bruce K. Alexander would choke on his own spit at reading that simplistic explanation. Never mind, he will live. Am damn sure someone as clever as him would have a nurse close by to pat his back and perform the heimlich maneuver. Stat.

So, now I have adequately defined addiction (have given up aiming for perfection remember. That is an addiction in itself. Am happy with adequate nowadays) it is time to move on slightly.

I said the other week that I am now a recovery addict. 

This is not stupid. This is worryingly wrong. Am I left to swap one addiction for another my whole life? Maybe I could have another kid and simply become a “dad-a-holic”.

As I have said, I have been addicted my whole life. From extreme sports, risk taking behaviours, alcohol, drugs, sex, work, university, car maintenance…… Anything I do turns into a bloody addiction. The work life balance thing is not an option. Life doesn’t exist without an addiction for me.

I have to admit it.

I am not in recovery.

I just have to not kill thousands of Jews, Christians or Massey University students.

I have to keep the addiction side of my nature healthy somehow. This is achieved, for me, through creative output and thought processes. I get a high from working things out for myself, even though I do re-invent the wheel on a daily basis.

Most of the people I see in N.A are addicts for life too. They do it in all sorts of little ways. They even get addicted to going to meetings and talking about being addicted (it is a bona fide addiction…)

The only way to recover from addiction is to live sans addiction. At some level or other I think this is impossible for a lot of us. Particularly the ADhD type personality that existed before the addict. We are driven to do things via hyper concentration, at the total expense of others.

Have a look at the bloody Saint who wrote half the New Testament.

Have a look at me.

Am I an addict?



God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, and the courage to change the things I can.

Right now there are some positive steps… Shutting down the laptop and putting some clothes and making a coffee. And then simply not going to a N,A meeting this morning. Shame really, was one of my more favourite meetings.

Sorry Bill W. You don’t get my ten cents this fine Sunday morning.