John Oliver VS Capitalism and Addiction

Remember FOX NEWS said “BUSH HAS WON THE ELECTION” so all the other news outfits started doing it so as to not be behind, or miss the scoop. The thing is – BUSH DIDN’T WIN. He lost – but the other guy, hearing that he had lost, threw in his towel and conceded, at which point he was fucked. Don’t forget FOX news was run by one of the Bush family at the time…..

Anyway, slightly off the topic, but when have you ever criticised me for being on topic to start with..?..

We need more honest proper journalism and independent investigative journalists. Nowadays you can spot errors in about every single story on every page of every newspaper. Main TV news seems to be more and more like the internet news of old every day.

And therein lies the problem.

People want cute cats, death and mayhem.

The mass public will not sit through a thirty minute story showing both sides of an argument properly… 110km/h on highways kills people.. Boy racers are all druggies with bald tyres. Cute cat.

John Oliver Does Drugs

Sorry about taking some saturation out of your overly coloured American TV face John old Boy…

And then there is JOHN OLIVER. 

He did his usual fifteen minute of TRUMP BASHING, and to his credit he manages to keep this fresh and interesting each week – or maybe it is just due to the fact Trumpt comes up with so much shit each week he is simply too easy, and then progressed to do an opinion piece on the state of addiction in the good ol’ U S of A.

Not a bad effort… Other than he took great pains to ridicule the term “pseudo addict“.

A term I hadn’t heard of. A term which sounds, on the surface, to be total bullshit.

Good on you John, you are the man.

In the context of a drug company trying to show the world it’s drugs are not the cause of addicts problems, it possibly is bullshit. More than possibly even. Plausible denial anyone?

But wait — There’s more…

(yeah, yeah – you guessed it…. Unca Fiendipoo has a spanner. And a good throwing arm.)

Start scratching under the surface (or maybe just start scratching depending how much of an addict you really are) the theory is quite sound. It may come from the mouth of a pseudo scientist, but someone who exhibits addictive drug seeking behaviour may be no more of a problematic addict than you or I (queue Americans favourite laughing track – the auto chuckle)… 

Fiend says –
“Pseudo addict” may just have a place in this debate on how to deal with the problems of addiction in capitalist environments.

Let us just say… Just for debates sake… 

If I am in pain (me? never…) and need a few opiates to coach my kids football team, I go to the doctor. The doctors glasses slide down his nose and he looks at me sideways. No matter how much they know about my pain, my back, my lifestyle, my parenting or my need to participate in life on terms agreeable to me, the maker and the pharmaceutical companies – the doctor will always look at “addict” potential first and my quality of life second.

Purdue, we have a problem.

And, by the sounds of this John Oliver thing, so do hundreds of thousands of Americans.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I have not gone all soft in my old age. Americans can all go still fuck right off and suck Clintons dick / clit dry as far as I am concerned.

However, I feel for the pain and the difficulties the poor people who are controlled by the whim of the pen. On a good day the doctor will write. On a bad day, the doctor wont. The days are not so much swayed good or bad by his kid playing well at football — more the pressures put on him by media, drug companies capitalistic ways and the controlling bodies antiquated views of addiction.

This week John Oliver has told the world the drug companies are confusing the doctors. They obviously need to play with their own product some more.

John Oliver. Take time to read GLOBALIZATION OF ADDICTION.

Or, since no one has an attention span any longer than a thirty second sound byte (I know – I am ADHD super hero number 666) …

Dear John @iamjohnoliver

please look up Dr. Gabor Maté  on YOUTUBE.

Thank you, and goodnight.

John seems to have pitted himself against capitalism AND addiction. The first time anyone in history has managed this. A little like … hell … cannot quite work out what it’s like.

Maybe I am very much every inch totally drug fucked as the idiots at Wellington Addiction Services would tell you.


Mental Health Day

Not entirely as suggested earlier. Did not spend the day in bed at all. Kind of glad about that. Had to go and drop of paperwork to get out of paying $290 for a worthless application to see my daughter. It was a slow walk to Welfare Office to get proof that I am a big ass loser. Having got the required proof of being a world class, if not leading, loser, the lady at the Family Court kindly reinforced this. Rather inappropriate for the Family Court receptionist to reinforce such feelings, but I am male afterall. I deserve it. I deserve worse. I deserve death by bleeding out my penis. I am male. This is the family court. Hiel Judge Ellis.

Stomach churns, so I go sit in cafe and read paper. Try not to look up at the impossibly pretty girls constantly brushing past. Leave. Go to old Flesh D-Vice guys shop. Browse records. Buy a $6 single with a cover that is worth pinning to the wall. One of the tracks actually sounds good enough to listen to a few times. Unreal. Toby Wong Sick Things and Night Terrors Long Way to Go… (Push F3 on your keyboard and type in TOBY when you’re on that page. Who the fuck is Toby Wong anyway?)

Spend a few minutes telling the guy about what happened at Family Court. I was at his place the other week when the news came through I could not see my daughter. He gave all the usual good advice, “stay focused on the kid”, “it will come back to you”, “don’t sweat the small stuff”, “the court will see through her crap eventually.”

Yes, all the stuff I tell others to do.

All the good advice in the world doesn’t bloody help when you have been doing it a decade and you cannot even expect a phone call from your own bloody daughter once a week.

Okay okay. Move on.


Moving on.


Here we go.

3 – 2 – 1 /// moving on


Well, almost….

Here we go.


Getting there.



Got home, made appointment with lawyer for child. Forgot all about my court appearance tomorrow for resisting arrest and some stupid driving bullshit where some dumb ass Police idiot jumped in front of my car. Should have rung my new lawyer and found out if he has finished law school yet.

Went to NA. Heard “it is good to be in a meeting” three times and “this is a good meeting” four times. I got up and left when this girl jumped in and said “I am so-and-so and I am an addict” so bloody quick it made me wince. Like, at least be polite and pretend you might let someone else speak. She speaks at every meeting she goes to. And it doesn’t stop. “I am this, I am that. One time my washer broke and spilled water so I… And then… And and and and” FUCK UP. I, sir, have a character defect. It is SERIOUSLY NOT GIVING A FUCK ABOUT YOU AND YOUR WASHER

At least when I share it is quick and entertaining. And sometimes insightful. Occasionally even worth listening to.

Unlike this blog.

Day whatever. No biggy…

It has been longer than three weeks and yet sleep is still not coming naturally. Have taken myself all the Loperamide three days ago. It’s okay, keeping food in – Still have to eat something regularly though.

Stomach ulcer seems to be an issue. Did not think of that when starting this withdrawal. The Doc gave me 20MG caps of Omeprazole with “one each morning”. Am still taking two instead. Feels better, might drop back to one tomorrow.

Also did not think of completely going insane due to not sleeping enough. But hey, s it happens.


May need a look at that one… The good old DCM-V could actually have SLEEP DEPRIVATION PSYCHOSIS and METHAMPHETAMINE PSYCHOSIS listed under the same damn thing. Call it BEING AWAKE TOO LONG just so that the layman can understand. Maybe LACK OF REST, REM SLEEP AND NUTRIENT intake would be another way of putting it?

Either way, externally the two appear pretty identical. Internally slightly different. Actually, not so much come to think of it.

When on Crystal Meth for too long my best mate would only meet me with his bouncer present. Even though it was hot he would always wear a leather trench coat. At 4pm on a hot day in Newtown or Broklyn, Wellington, NZ a guy with a long leather trench being shadowed by a large black leather wearing man stood out slightly. But he refused to meet me anywhere in private. His last words before bouncer guy tapped his shoulder (they had actually set a time limit for the meeting! WTF!) was “get off to bed mate. Stay there. Don’t do anything nuts on the way there”. This was my best mate. We dealt together for years as kids. We went to jail together. We even got infected with diseases together. We were tight all right. But, now, due to being awake for weeks on end doing deals, he got it into his head that things would explode if he didn’t pay me what was owed. And now. I may have been a bit strong on use of particular words or something. Anyway, never mind. I think we still talk to each other. Am not sure, have not seen him for five years. But yes, I did not do anything nuts on way home, and although there was a gram of crystal to be consumed I took a few halcion (about seven) and used the gram over the next few days as part of a reduction program. Good stuff mate, cheers.

When on day 12 or so of this withdrawal with no sleepers or relief of much kind from head fuck withdrawal aspects I was feeling equally psychotic. My comments of “I feel like I have been up on crystal meth for ten days” to the doctor are not without legal foundation. The effects are similar to my head anyway.

Just lucky I have taken time off from everything (life put on hold – living existence from day to day) to deal with this crap. If I was still running around, driving, seeing people left right and centre and doing all this stuff that a busy business would think of as relatively normal… Well…. I would have started biting peoples heads off, and possibly have gone very psychotic on some poor police woman’s life expectancy curriculum. It was a close run thing.

Withdrawal – Do not underestimate it.

In lockdown situations, in managed environments, sure. Fine. Do it. Give the poor withdrawing bugger some relaxing drugs and a bath to lie in for an hour a day and anyone can do it. Doing it of your own choice when your nearest dealer lives about two flats away in a council block isn’t probably the best move for everyone. Maybe don’t follow my lead there.

NZFiends five step programme to getting your slack ass off methadone;

    2. DO TELL THE DRUG & ALC’ PSYCH PEOPLE WHAT YOU ARE DOING and DO COMPLAIN TO PEOPLE HIGHER UP IF THEY JUST WANT TO KEEP YOU ON THE ‘DRONE or EVEN UP YOUR SCRIPT (this happens – happened to me years ago. Twenty years ago I wanted to come down, and every time I went in they put my dose up, so started spitting it out at the chemists)…
        (these should be okay, in extreme case would suggest not living alone and TELL OTHERS – Internet is okay for this even)
      (if nothing else available – use N.A.)

But here we are. Third week now. Doing okay. But no “mere trivial” experience either…. Pass on my regards to this guy…. Cheers mate.

Mr Anthony Daniels
Theodore Dalrymple (pseudonym)
Born 11 October 1949 (age 63)
London, UK
Residence England / France
Occupation Author, journalist, doctor,psychiatrist
Notable work(s) Life at the Bottom: The Worldview That Makes the Underclass
Our Culture, What’s Left of It
Spoilt Rotten: The Toxic Cult of Sentimentality(HAHAHAHAH ;”ROMANCING OPIATES” isn’t listed… Obviously too many people laughed at him on this one?!
Influenced by ShakespeareJohnsonOrwell
Political movementHobbie ConservatismPretending he isn’t a sadomasochist gay
Religion None (atheist)

This guy really needs to read the RAT PARK cartoons and look atBruce Alexander’s work very closely.>>

If anyone with any money reads this, could you please arrange for a recorded debate between the likes of this “Dalrymple”, Dr Gabor Mate and Bruce Alexander. That would be so awesome. It’d be like watching the All Blacks play a team of Canadian Moose at rugby. Canadian Moose are very nice, I have partied with them long and hard. But rugby players they ain’t……



But, seriously, I have not looked in my mailbox for a month either.

It is a sign of a mental defect.

Trust me.