One rule. One law. For All. Fails.

I am sitting in a seat. Talking with someone. Someone whom uses drugs. Someone with a bit of an I.Q. Someone whom deserves a little respect.

Just a little. Don’t tell him that tho’…

The Police arrive.

I am sitting there with tattoo’s showing.
He is dressed entirely in black. With matching black shades.
We would have both been dressed that way a decade ago.
Nowadays, I aim for more of a fashion statement equalling “bland”.

The Police are idiots. But that is not new. 100% no surprise there. You’re either with them, or against them. A good guy, or a bad guy.

You deserve to die in a fiery police pursuit if you’re doing 65km/h in a 50km/h zone according to SuperIntended fuckhead of Christchurch (TV3 news can verify….)

They ask us a few questions about some young kids whom were drinking on the seats next to ours… The Police guys leave having received a whole heap of help from us along the lines of “don’t have a clue“, “didn’t see anything“, “they could have gone North or South, didn’t notice“…

We spend the next five minutes discussing the merits of having a capitalist funded police service.

The Police drove all the way to bust these kids (of legal drinking age) whom were drinking in a public place. AGHAST we were.

AGHAST at the injustice of stupid white man capitalism… Just metres away were well heeled people drinking in the sun. Drinking out of corporate sponsored cups advertising their brands of mind fucking liquid refreshments. Sitting there in suits and ties. Sitting there in dresses that, although containing less material than a average mens pair of gloves, cost hundreds of dollars. The gloves would have covered more skin and been a million times warmer too.

The Police had left to chase these kids whom had committed a crime of drinking in public.

Their crime was really “drinking in public out of unbranded vessels whilst not dressed in suit and tie or crotch showing dress”…

Now is a good time to see if GoogleMaps is working…. 119 Cuba Street… CLICK And, just in case – here’s a picture….



Makes you think. Made us think.

Why do these kids start feeling left out of society and join gangs? 

All they were doing was wanting to be a part of something. And now they hate the pigs and are learning to survive on the fringes with deviancy.

Shocking? Not in the slightest.

I am damn sure you should now all go and read Bruce K. Alexanders GLOBALIZATION OF ADDICTION from cover to cover. Twice. 

There are well heeled people right there drinking just metres away. No one caused trouble. No one acted badly. The worst behaved people there were ME. My cheeky banter notwithstanding, the worst behaved people there were a TV crew whom interrupted many with stupid questions about stupid crap only they cared about.

And where were the Police when we needed them to scare off the bloody TV leeches?

Probably back at the Police bar. Getting pissed. Telling work stories. Dreaming about busting kids asses whilst sex starved office chicks in micro skirts look on.


Made me think.

Probably too much.

Time for some thoughtless graffix….

sentinel_doneMuch better. Serenity.




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